I can help you create your life change
and connect to your best self
Kath Reeve
Founder of Mind Body Healthful
Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Change is at hand.


With expertise in Functional Medicine, Neuro-Science, Positive Psychology and using science-based natural nutrition I can help you make sustainable changes. Together we can move you forward in creating a more healthful mind and body whatever your start point. Wherever you are now, you can live a more fulfilling life.

Successfully specialising in helping clients:


  • Create new habits to enhance your health and lifestyle

  • Reduce stress, anxiety or overwhelm

  • Recover health and improve lifestyle related diseases

  • Attaining goals for optimal health

Wanting to find your best self?


Enabling you to change your habits, your health and your thinking with expert coaching, healthy nutrition and balanced lifestyle

Whatever the change you need, we can support you

Learn about Optimal Nutrition with Mind Body Healthful
Create new habits to enhance health
and lifestyle
Attain your optimal
fitness & health
Manage and reverse
lifestyle diseases

Do you feel stuck in your ways? Or overwhelmed? Know what you should do, but feel the only way to change your habits is more willpower or motivation?


By using proven processes for making behavior change easy and with your personal coach and champion at your side, together we can ensure sustainable change can be yours.

Fed up of the ongoing merry-go-round of weight gains and losses or trying to find the best foods to support and improve muscle and fitness for your sports goals?

Using a combination of coaching and nutrition resources, we work together to develop a personalised plan for you to become healthier, fitter and more energised so that you can be your best self.



It can be overwhelming to make changes when you are not at your best. 75-90% of human disease is related to stress and inflammation, which are hugely impacted by lifestyle factors and nutrition imbalances.  

Learn more about the changes that will make a difference for you and gain support integrating them into your daily habits and make that difference.


“Kath Reeve has quite simply "changed my life" ... in the space of the first 3 sessions with Kath I am now confident of changing "long standing, engrained habits and thinking" that I had just accepted as "part of me". Now I know I have the tools to be "first aware" then to make those changes I could only have dreamed about.  It feels so empowering! I really am surprised how quickly this could happen and the positive impact it has had in all areas of my home and work life.

Kath is compassionate, immensely knowledgeable, a wonderful listener and a fantastic communicator - I am hugely grateful for her work and can only recommend you pluck up the courage (like I did) to have a chat to find out for yourself!!

- Cath Davies - Director Evolve Marketing -


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