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About Us

We're a team of 5 experts in:

  • Functional Medicine & Health Coaching

  • Behaviour Change

  • Emotional Intelligence Life Coaching

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Lifestyle Disease Management

  • Nutritional Advice

  • Wellbeing in the workplace

  • Whole Wellbeing for you as a person

Our Mission

Working with individual people and with business's and their teams we aim to:

Enrich people's lives

 Enhance business success

Uplift wellbeing strategies and culture

Create coaching transformations that are future proof


Hi, I'm Kath

Welcome to Mind Body Healthful.


I'm so glad you found us. This is your first step to exploring how you could implement health and wellbeing changes to your personal life or to your workforce.


I'm the Founder of Mind Body Healthful.


After a long time career in a range of corporate sectors working as a freelance Project and Programme Manager in Business Transformation, Improvement and Change and IT, I was burnt out, stressed, had health issues and was not enjoying life.


I decided something had to change - and it did.


I retrained and studied in many aspects of mind and body health over the years and have since focused my learnings into helping others in a similar situation through following my dream of starting Mind Body Healthful.

I have been where you are both in my personal life and my professional life, so I'm ready to help you!


On a professional level I truly relate to the importance for business of profit, effective product delivery and return on investment. I have seen first hand and have experienced the challenges and impacts of the physical and mental pressures in the workplace. On a personal level I know how important it is to feel your best self to cope with everything life throws at you.


I have brought together a team of experts with a synergy of skills and capabilities to aid individuals privately as well as organisations in finding the personal, experienced support needed.  Our range of abilities, along with us all being certified health coaches means we can offer tailored programmes, along with One to One Coaching and Group Coaching for all your needs.

Meet your team of professionals


FMCHC - Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach 

Kath Reeve, Leticia Gonzales, Sophia Murray John, Elena Zajac, Dr Elizabeth Hart

Member of the UKIHCA – UK & International Health Coach Association 

Kath Reeve, Sophia Murray John

INLPTA trained NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner

Kath Reeve

NBHWC Board Certified

Elena Zajac, Dr Elizabeth Hart


 We all abide by the UKIHCA Scope of Practice

and FMCA & NBHWC Scope of Practice

in Health Coaching

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