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Using the latest technology to track how your heart reacts to your lifestyle.


Have you tried several times to improve your lifestyle?

Are you wondering why the changes to your lifestyle are not making you feel better?

Would you like to see accurate data on how your body is coping with your current lifestyle and get help to improve the results?

Our package is using the latest technology, Firstbeat.


Trapped by self-sabotaging habits that you can't shift although you're trying to live a healthy lifestyle

Tired and overwhelmed

Simply stuck!

Ready to face the real data that can tell you the impact your lifestyle is having on your heart and body  


Our 'Track Your Health Package' can stand along or be woven into our other coaching programmes.

The package is centred around using the latest technology from Firstbeat, a device you wear for a period of time to track how your body feels. View your results in an app on your phone or on your computer.


It looks at the impact your daily lifestyle choices are having on your physiology. By using heart rate variability it will show you how your body reacts to your daily activities.  It will give you real insights into how your stress, exercise and sleep is affecting your body.

Along with real time tracking on the app, at the end of each test period you will have your own report which shows:

how much stress your body is experiencing; 

the effectiveness of your recovery time and sleep

your current fitness level and whether your exercise routine supports your health

Once a month you will have an opportunity to explore and discuss your results in a One to One Personal Coaching Session.


What's included



Within your 12 Weeks Track Your Health Package you will:

  • Get to know your own unique physiology and the impact your current life choices are having on your body.

  • Understand how you manage stress, and learn how to recover your energy and zest for life.

  • Learn what affects your sleep and create your own unique recipe for optimising your sleep.

  • Get a personalised report on your current fitness level and learn how best to exercise according to what your body needs.

  • Have clear visibility on how your body responds to the changes you make through reports and coaching sessions.

  • Have your own coach who will work with you step by step, be your accountability partner and keep you focused all the way.

Together with 'Firstbeat' our dedicated coaches will guide you gently down the road to: 

  • Gain an understanding of where you are, what is working well and which areas are affecting your health now and possibly in the future.

  • Bring your vision and goals together, so we can create your unique health and wellness journey together.

  • Regain a sense of balance in your life and rediscover 'you'.

  • Evaluate the steps you are taking and understand the impact your habits are having on your health with help of accurate physiological data.

  • Develop the confidence and ability to evaluate the changes you make.

  • Give you tools to how you can recharge and restore your body’s resources to boost your energy levels and resilience.

Research in Behaviour Change shows that 12 weeks is the optimal time

to embed new habits and gain traction on your plans, creating sustainable change.


Sophia Murray John

This package was born out of my own experience. Having been a nurse for over 30 years, striving to be healthy has been an important part of my life for many years.


I must be honest; I have struggled for years to find the right balance and live my life as I wanted to. As a professional, a mother, a daughter, a carer, a swimming and triathlon coach I have often felt pulled in many directions with very little time for myself. I found myself exhausted, miserable and baffled as to how I got to where I was.


Reflecting, health is something I have always been striving for, but it is something I have never quite achieved. I realised I have been chasing health, trying out new exercise regimes, eating habits and lifestyle changes. None of them provided any help long-term and I lost the sense of self, who I was and what I wanted.


This all changed 2 years ago when I qualified as a certified Health Coach. Through my own journey of self-discovery, I have begun to understand what it means for me to be healthy. Approaching the big 50, I am going through the transition that is known as menopause and so all the things that worked well before, no longer were as effective.

My life has changed significantly over the last 2 years. Using Firstbeat Life has given me a unique insight into my own physiology. I now know the best way to manage my days to restore balance, personalise my exercise regime that leaves me feeling energised and focused rather than depleted and exhausted and an understanding of what it takes for me to sleep well.


I have regained a sense of ‘balance’ and I manage my days with the knowledge of what I need for my health.

I am no longer ‘chasing’ health. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of days where I am chasing my tail, but I'm no longer looking to the latest health fad for answers. I no longer feel lost or inadequate. I have found a sense of me and what it means for me to be healthy.


This is a great opportunity to connect with your body in a unique and meaningful way.


I would love to do the same for you…..


Sophia Murray John will give the coaching in relation to Firstbeat Life, however, any further coaching booked alongside this Track Your Health Package can be undertaken by any of the coaches in the team.


Leticia Gonzales

Northern Nevada, USA

Specialist Area

Autoimmune Diseases


Behaviour Change

Emotional Intelligence

Creating balance in work/family life

Liz photo 3_edited.jpg

Dr Elizabeth Hart

Johannesburg, South Africa

Specialist Area

Lifestyle Disease Management

Breast Cancer



Elena Zajac

Connecticut, USA

Specialist Area

Lyme disease and


Brain-gut connection

Stress Management


Sophia Murray John

Newcastle, UK

Specialist Area

Lifestyle medicine

Long term health challenges including weight, blood pressure, blood sugar management


We are excited to be working with Firstbeat Life technology.

Integrating Firstbeat Life into our programmes or running it alongside them allows us to measure and track accurately the impact our suggested lifestyle changes have on your body through the advanced prograde technology.​

We believe health is about the ability to function and we are committed to working with you to find what it means for you to be healthy and happy.


We work with you as we define what healthy means for you, co-create those steps you need to take to finding your health and vitality. With its ECG like measurements you are not only.........?

The Technology
  • Firstbeat Life is a physiology and heart rate variability-based measurement platform. 


  • It connects the dots between the body’s reactions and daily activities. It turns stress, recovery, sleep and exercise data into actionable insights.


Our Expertise
  • From the data we get from Firstbeat Life we can see the effects of your daily activities and choices.


  • Using our knowledge and experience as health coaches we can use this information to suggest changes and track them accurately together with yourself throughout the programme.



iPhone PSD Mockup_Sophia.png
  • Access to Firstbeat app with real time tracking, through a subscription of 3 months with an opportunity to extend it if you so wish.

  • Personal measuring device with advice and support. These are for you to keep.

  • An initial coaching session.  We will explore your current lifestyle, your successes and challenges you are facing. You will identify your hopes and dreams and what working with Firstbeat technology can give you.

  • A full report after each testing period that will show you what impact your lifestyle is having on your overall health plus a breakdown of your life into 3 main areas; stress and recovery, the restorative effect of your sleep and the health benefits you are getting from your physical movement and activity.

  • A One to One Coaching Session each month to review the reports and take a deeper dive and explore the findings and the next steps in detail.

  • The price the for 3 months health tracking package is currently available at only £xxx.

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